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Event Workflow Configuration

Event Workflow Configuration
This guide details how to create Event Workflows, how to set permissions for the Workflow, and how to initiate/terminate a Workflow.

In CMO, an Event Workflow includes the hand-off of responsibility in an Event from one person to another and/or from one step to another. It may also include reversal of steps in case of a rejection. Workflows include check points that allow it to move through all steps and actions before closing. Steps may have due dates and custom notifications. Permissions within the workflow grant or restrict access for users to complete steps, and can be configured down to a granular level deciding which users can answer certain questions. Workflows may be configured to initiate when certain triggers, response types, or risk levels are met. The Event Workflow engine is extremely versatile and completely accessible from the admin workflow menu.

Click into the guides below for more detail on configuring Event Workflows. 

Note: The articles below apply to version 15.02.25 of CMO.


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