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Manually Initiate a Workflow

This page details how to set a Form to manually initiate an Event Workflow.

In this case, an end user would have a choice of either starting the Workflow, which would go to a reviewer, or they could close out the Form without initiating a Workflow. If a Workflow is set to manually initiate, the admin will have to configure the Form with two ICWS buttons: one of the two will Start the Workflow. 

Considerations for Configuring the Workflow Form(s):

Two buttons need to be added to the Form:

  • 1st button should be set as a Complete Form/Workflow button with a response text of Close Out Form.
  • 2nd button should be set as an ICWS with a response text of Submit for Review.





Navigate to the ICWS Button Configuration page to view specifics on mapping ICWS buttons for Event Workflow.



Creating a Manually Initiated Workflow:

  1. Log in as an Admin and navigate to the Event Workflow screen.
  2. From the Event Workflow landing page, click New.
    1. For existing Workflows, click into the Workflow and click the Edit button.
  3. Add an Org Unit.
  4. Name the Workflow.
  5. Add all necessary Forms.
  6. Do not click any auto-initiate options (outlined in image).
  7. Click Save.







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