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Create an Event Workflow

The information below outlines how to create a new Workflow and defines the respective fields in the New Workflow screen.

CMO defines an Event as an actual event that happened, a Form, or an audit. 

Workflow is the life cycle of an event, and each Workflow is configured to fulfill specific business requirements. A Workflow can be as broad or detailed as a company needs it to be depending on the company's scope of work.

Note: When clients buy CMO Best Practice, their CMO instance will come with pre-loaded Workflows that are configured but will still need personalization (such as adding roles and/or job titles).


The workflow creation process is broken down into 3 sections. Navigate through the steps in order or use the links below to navigate to the section you need help with:

  1. Create the Workflow
  2. Configure Workflow Steps
  3. Configure Workflow Transitions
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