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VI Training and Feature Highlight Videos

This section gives you access to quick training and feature highlight videos for VendorInsight®.
Archive Retrieval and Archive Search: 
Fourth (4th) Party Vendor Tracking

Full Service vs. Self Service vs. Dual Service
Outstanding Actions and Items Report (OAI) & Automatic Delivery

Policy Compliance Matrix (PCM) and PCM Compliance

Process Dashboard & Auxiliary Dashboards

Project Contracts and Onboarding Evaluation Records

Vendor Information Dynamic Datasheet (VIDD)

Vendor Performance Scorecard (VPS) and Performance Metrics (SLAs)

Vendor Portal and Document Workflow

Vendor Portal and Vendor Questionnaires

Vendor Relationship Profile (VRP) and VRP Completion

Vendor Risk Assessment (VRA) Usage Analysis

VendorEval Self Service vs. VendorEval Outsourced Service

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