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How to Add a User

VendorInsight® offers several options for user access within the system. The Access options are as follows: Administrator & VMO, VMO, Administrator, Supervisor, User, Auditor, Research, User Administrator and Help Desk. For the Administrator & VMO, VMO, Administrator, Supervisor and User credentials, you may add additional access such as Contract Entry/Edit and User Administration. Please reference the "VendorInsight® User Roles and Permissions" document to help you select the best user access.
The steps to add a user to VI are as follows:
First Steps
  1. Log into VendorInsight®.
  2. Go to Tools.
  3. Click User Administration*.
  4. Then click Add New User.

How To Add a User _ Screenshot 1.jpg

Second Steps
  1. Add the User Information to the left side of the User Record. 
    1. Only underlined fields are mandatory. 
  2. Select the Security Level from the drop down box on the right side of the User Record. 
    1. Remember to use the "VendorInsight® User Roles and Permissions" document to help you make the proper selection for the user. 
  3. Check the boxes for the additional access options, if applicable. 
  4. if your organization is using Affiliate Restrictions, remember to set the restriction(s).
    1. If you have already added an Affiliate Restriction to a contract abstract, the user will need to have the same restriction or none in order to view the contract record.
  5. Click Save Changes.
    1. The credentials will be emailed to the user.  

How To Add a User _ Screenshot 2.jpg

Keep Adding Until You are Done! 

Keep adding users using the same steps until you are complete. If you need to Edit a user, you can go back into User Administration, and click the icon under the Actions column that resembles a note pad with a check mark. 

If you have questions about user access, you can always reach out to your VI Administrator. 

*Note – You will need User Administration access on your user record in order to make changes in this module.

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