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Reference - User Roles and Permissions

The User Roles and Permissions document may also be found in the About section of VendorInsight® under Tools.

User Roles

User Roles or Credentials are broken down into the following options: Administrator w/ VMO, Vendor Management Officer (VMO), Administrator, Supervisor, User, Auditor, Research, User Administrator and Help Desk. Each of the assigned roles have differing capabilities in the system that should be considered before adding a user to the system.

For example, you would not want to give a user "Administrator" access if that user should only be assigned to a few records as the Contract Owner. In this example the "User" access may be a better fit for the user since this access is limited to viewing only records assigned.


Once you select the proper role for a user, you can decide to give additional permissions, such as Contract Entry, the ability to edit certain assessments, and User Administration (if not already the user's role).

For example, if you have a user assigned as a "User", you may want to give them "Contract Entry" so they can add contract records and edit their assigned records. 

User Roles and Permissions Document

The User Roles and Permissions document helps you to decide which access best fits your user(s). 

VendorInsight® User Roles and Permissions v2_Page_1.jpg

VendorInsight® User Roles and Permissions v2_Page_2.jpg

Keep in mind...

If you have questions regarding the User Roles and Permissions, keep in mind you can contact your VI Admin for discussion!