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User Adds a Non-Current Government Document or Status History with a Future Date to an Individual

If a user enters a future date in the ‘Valid From’ field for government documents and status histories but does not mark it ‘Current’, the system will auto-update the record to ‘Current’ on the date entered for 'Valid From'. This change will be reflected in the Individual's Status tab and the Individual Hero Card as though the user had manually updated the government document or status history to current.

When the system makes the automatic action to set a government document or status history to Current, the system creates a log entry with information populated as follows: 

  • Date = Date Log Created / ‘Valid From’ Date for the Future Government Document or Status History
  • Log Type = System 
  • Log Text = This record was marked as Current on the ‘Valid From’ date: [Name of the Government Document or Status History]
  • Duration = 1 

If the government document that is being updated to ‘Current’ is a government document type that is configured with the ‘Only one of this type can be current’ option selected, the system will automatically deselect the previous government document record of the same type as Current, select the government document record with the future 'Valid From' date as Current, and update the Status tab and Hero Cards accordingly.

For status histories, only one status history per country can be marked 'Current' at a time. If a non-current status history with a future 'Valid From' date is being automatically updated by this feature and a previous current status history for the same country exists, the previous status history will be marked non-current. 

This process applies to government documents and status histories for both active and inactive individuals.

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