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Saved I-9 Custom Reports

This shows how a user can save, run, and manage saved I-9 Custom Reports.


Users can save I-9 Custom Reports and run them at a later time.

Save as New Report

You can save any custom report by clicking the "Save as New Report" button after you run the report.


  1. Enter a Name.
  2. Select the Report Type.
    • My Reports - User's own personal reports
    • Shared Reports - Reports that are shared with other users.
  3. Optionally, add a Description.
  4. Click Continue.

Run Saved Reports

Users can open a previously saved custom report at any time.


  1. Choose the Report Type and then the saved report from the Select Report dropdown.
  2. Click Run Report.

Manage Reports

The "Manage Reports" button will display a list of saved reports. Filter options will appear when users select the filter icon for a given column and will allow users to more easily find and manage their reports. Users can also delete selected reports.


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