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I-9 Record Summary List View Report

This shows how a user can use the I-9 Record Summary List View Report.


Users can use the I-9 Record Summary List View Report to view specific I-9 records.



The report can be accessed via the Reports menu dropdown.


Filter Settings

You can filter your results by selecting one or more values from the Next Action Needed, Employer, Worksite, I-9 Manager, etc. dropdown lists and clicking the "Apply Filter" button.  You can also limit your results by choosing one or more of the radio button options listed on the left hand side of the page and entering a corresponding date or range of dates. Alternately, the user can select "Clear Filter" to reset all the filter settings to start over again.

The report displays a spreadsheet like view of your I-9 records. This list can help you quickly locate employees, check the status of their Form I-9, and access their I-9 records. You can sort and hide columns. The data is also exportable to Excel using the "Export to Excel" option.

What's Next

The Task Summary and Remote I-9 Center on the dashboard uses this report template. Clicking any of the numbers on the two modules will bring up the I-9 Record Summary List View Report.

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