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How to Create an Employee Profile

This shows how a user can create an employee profile.


Users can create an employee profile to hold the I-9 for an employee. The employee profile is where basic information about the newly hired employee is entered and validated.

Before creating a new employee profile, you may want to see if the employee already exists.


  1. Select the "Create New I-9: New Employee" button on the dashboard or "Create New Form I-9" under Manage I-9. Note that the dashboard button will not appear if the Employee Profile/I-9 feature is disabled.


  1. Enter in the employee information. The required fields are marked with red asterisks: First Name, Last Name, Employer, and Worksite
  2. Click "Save & Continue". Note that clicking "Cancel" will navigate the user back to dashboard without creating the employee profile.


What's Next

After creating the employee profile, the next step is to create the I-9.

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