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What Does a Next Action of "Purge" Mean?

This article explains what the "Purge" Next Action and it's associated date mean for a Form I-9 record in the Tracker I-9 Complete System.


After reviewing this article you should have a better understanding of what the "Purge" Next Action and it's associated date mean for a Form I-9 records in the Tracker I-9 Complete System. As well as when terminated I-9s will be eligible to purged (deleted) from the system, in accordance with USCIS Form I-9 retention rules.


When employees are terminated or no longer working at the employer, users can set a termination status or termination date on the summary tab of the Form I-9. Entering the termination date or checking the "Employee is Terminated" checkbox will change the next action to Purge, unless there is an open E-Verify case. If there is a termination date entered, the system will calculate the next action due date to be 3 years from the start date or 1 year from the termination date, whichever is later as the "Purge Date".

The terminated I-9 may be purged from the system on or after the date shown for the Purge next action is reached. Additionally, please be aware that when a terminated I-9 reaches the Purge date, the system does not automatically Purge the I-9 from the system. A user must Purge the I-9, either individually or using the Purge Report tool to Purge multiple eligible records.




In accordance with USCIS Form I-9 retention rules, the terminated I-9 must be retained before the purge date. Once the I-9 is purged, it is permanently deleted from the Tracker I-9 Complete System. Also, for the rehired employees, we can retain the terminated I-9 before the purge date as once the I-9 is purged a new Form I-9 would be needed.

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