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How to record Citizenship Status Changes in Tracker I-9

This article cover how to record an employee going from Alien Authorized to Work to Lawful Permanent Resident status, and going from Lawful Permanent Resident to US Citizen.


This shows how to record an employee's Citizenship Status Changes in Tracker I-9.

Employee going from "Alien Authorized to Work" to "Lawful Permanent Resident" status

When an active employee goes from "Alien Authorized to work" to a "Permanent resident" the employer should record the new permanent resident card (or other acceptable documents) in new Section 3 reverification. Then, the I-9 will no longer be subject to reverification.

Employee going from "Lawful Permanent Resident" to "US Citizen" status

When an active employee goes from Lawful Permanent Resident to "US Citizen" status, the reverification is not needed, so no action is needed for them.

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