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How to Move an I-9

This shows how users can move a I-9 between employee profiles.


Advanced users can move I-9's between employee profiles if the feature is enabled. Intermediate and basic users do not have this ability.

Before moving an I-9, please make sure that the I-9s belong to the same employee.


  1. Search for and navigate to the employee profile or I-9 you want to move.
  2. Select Move I-9, which can be found on the Employee Profile menu or the Form I-9 menu.

Employee Profile


Form I-9


  1. Enter in your search criteria and click on the employee profile you want to move the current I-9 to.


  1. Click the Move I-9 button. Note that clicking Cancel will navigate the user back to the employee profile or I-9 without making any changes.


Once the I-9 is moved, the profile without any I-9 will be deleted. Keep in mind that the I-9 you begin this process from will be the I-9 that is being moved.

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