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How to Delete Section 3


To delete the section 3 entries for both I-9 and Remote I-9.

Remote I-9

  1. When you click on the employee name, the employee profile window opens. Select the form I-9 option and click on section 3 tab.clipboard_e7d1cf72c50f4bcf3da8ebabb3d3c901c.png
  2. After selecting Section 3, click on the three horizontal lines icon which is towards the right side below the Section 3 where you can find options below. .clipboard_eca5040850c291cbd37fd448d03a00a2c.png
  3. From the options given select ' Stop or reject for I-9 ' and then click on "Stop Remote Access and Delete Section 3" .clipboard_ea0c851f137fa2ef0437fca023979e267.png
  4. Once you select the " Stop Remote Access and Delete Section 3 " option you will get a confirmation pop up twice to delete it permanently where you need to select 'Yes' to delete section 3 entry if it is Remote I-9.


Onsite I-9

Note: If it is not Remote I-9 follow the below steps.

  1. When you click on the 'Form I-9' tab of employee profile, select the section 3 option. Once the section 3 is selected scroll a bit down to ' Section 3 History ' and click on down arrow indication which is highlighted in below screenshot.


2. When you click on the down arrow the page will expand where you can find the " Delete " option at the left bottom of the page. Click on the delete option and you will get a confirmation pop up where you should click on the option " Yes " to delete the Section 3 of I-9.



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