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How to Activate a User


Users can become inactive when the client admin marks them as inactive or when the user enters an incorrect password 5 times within 120 minutes. When this happens a Client Admin can log in to the Tracker I-9 system and re-activate the user, and reset their password, if needed.


  1. Log into the Tracker I-9 system as a Client Admin.
  2. Select Manage Users under the Admin Control Panel.
  3. Click on User Search. Search by at least one of the following: Last Name, Employee ID, Username, or User Email Address. Please check the "Contains" checkbox to include the best results, and click Search.
  4. By default, inactive users are not shown, so please uncheck "Hide Inactive Users" to see inactive users appear in the search results.
  5. Select the inactive user that you would like to activate.
  6. Click "Unlock Account" and confirm to activate the user. You may also change the Inactive status to Active and click "Save".


  1. If needed, you may also reset the password by clicking "Reset Password" or "Save & Send Email".
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