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Line Item

A System Object definition that is intended to allow end Users to list the goods or services specified in a vendor Invoice. The details of each line item, such as the type (fee or expense), price, quantity, and dates must be entered in the Line Items screen of the corresponding invoice. Line Items are automatically available as a system Block in Object Views for Custom Objects.


A component for a specific area of TeamConnect for which a system or audit log can be defined. For example, TeamConnect has loggers for portal panes, custom blocks, the XML layer, and user login/ sign off. When you define a log (or appender), you select which logger's messages it captures.

Lookup Table

Tables that organize, store and quickly access multiple items, such as contacts' roles, types of addresses, phone, fax and other contact information, and so on. In addition to adding, renaming, inactivating, and deleting items in system lookup tables, you can define new custom lookup tables and their contents. In the end-user interface, lookup tables are represented by either drop-down lists (most commonly) or radio buttons, where the user can look up the necessary information and make the appropriate selection.

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