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Frequently Asked Questions

This section provides answers to questions that you may have while using SOP Manager.

Q: Why did the connection to my RA fail?

A: Either your authentication was incorrect or the connection to the RA was down. To verify that your authentication is correct, see Configuring Connection Settings.

All Registered Agents schedule down time for regular maintenance. Please check with your RA for the current downtime schedule.

Q: Why does it say DocumentID in CSC's Retrieval Log instead of SOP ID?

A: For CSC, an SOP record numbers is referred to as DocumentID.

Q: What happens if I receive a sequence from CSC that contains one or more SOP with errors?

A: Call CSC to correct the data errors and ask them to re-queue the sequence with a new sequence number, and then retrieve the new sequence. This new retrieval will create a new Retrieval Log and SOP record.

Q: What happens when only certain SOP records failed and need to be re-retrieved in CSC?

A: Start by locating the sequence number in the Retrieval Log. You can then re-retrieve the SOP records as explained in Retrieving SOP Records Manually.

SOP Manager ensures that only previously failed records are created during the re-retrieval. No duplicate SOP records will be created but every SOP record retrieved will be noted in the Retrieval Log.

Q: For CSC, why don't I see my Sequence ID numbers in the Retrieval Log?

A: If a retrieval fails before it is complete, no Sequence ID number is recorded in the Retrieval Log. At the next scheduled retrieval time, SOP manager will re-attempt the failed retrieval.

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