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TeamConnect Office Suite 2.X

TeamConnect Office Suite 2.X
This guide details an overview of how to use the latest version of the TeamConnect 2.X Office and Outlook add-in.


Welcome to the TeamConnect Office Suite 2.X Help!


Introduction and Preface

This documentation is meant for people who need an overview of how to use the latest version of the TeamConnect 2.X Office and Outlook add-in. It describes the user interface and standard features. You can learn to perform common tasks and find reference information about standard fields and tasks for all system record screens, shortcut keys, and terminology. Review  Conventions in this Guide for additional help with the User Guide. 

Topics and functionality that apply to both Office and Outlook add-ins can be found in the Getting Started section of this guide. These topics include syncing, document check in, and search filtering, among others.

Need a guide for a previous version?

See the TeamConnect PDF Hub for previous Office Suite guides.


User Guides


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