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Office Documents and Emails

This page details how to open, save, update, upload, and edit Office Document and emails using the Office Plugin.

Documents and emails that are shared in TeamConnect can be opened in Office Suite with the TeamConnect plug-in, allowing easier access to documents without the necessity of working from multiple programs.

In an Office Suite program, such as Word, documents can be seen in the TeamConnect plug-in on the right side of the page. Double-clicking on a document inside the TeamConnect pane will allow you to view the document content in Read-Only Mode.

Opening Documents

When you open a document, you have the option to open it as read-only, to check it out, or to save a copy.

Note: When looking for a document in a list of folders, you can only find documents in project folders or folders within project folders.

To open a document from the TeamConnect plug-in, double-click a document from a Matter folder in your Disputes. The document will open in Read Mode.

Note: Click on the PrintLayout_Icon.png icon to view the document in Print Layout, or Weblayout_Icon.png to view the document in Web Layout.

Searching in the Add-in

Matters can be quickly searched from the TeamConnect add-in within Outlook, saving users from scrolling through hundreds or thousands of Matter folders. The search bar is always visible when the TeamConnect pane is expanded, and can be used to locate folders by folder name.

Enter your query into the Search text box. As you type, Matters will automatically show up that include the typed information. Click on one of the search results folders and the action is the same as when you interact with folders in the standard TeamConnect document pane.

Note: Search results will remain until the text is erased from the Search bar.

Saving Documents

When you upload a document to TeamConnect, you must upload the document to a project.

The name of the document will auto-populate in the entry field after clicking save. Note: The document extension is not able to be edited.

To save a document from Word, Excel, or PowerPoint to TeamConnect

1.    From the document, click the Save to TeamConnect button from the toolbar.
2.    Browse to the project folder where you want to save the document.
3.    Enter a filename for the document in the File Name field.
4.    Click Save.

In TeamConnect, the document now appears on the Documents page for the project.

Saving to the same folder as a document with an identical file name will cause an error message. However, clicking the exact identical file and saving to it will allow versioning.


Office Metadata Population

Documents can be uploaded via the Office plug-in, and metadata is automatically extracted and placed into the appropriate fields. This visible data will make locating and identifying documents easier.

TeamConnect extracts the following metadata:

Extracted Metadata  Conversion Description
Document Name File Name
Document's Creator Author
Document Category  Category
Document Creation Date Date Created
Document Last Modified Date Modified
Document Extension File Type
Document Size File Size


Note: If the Document's Creator cannot be extracted, the description will be left blank. If Creation Date cannot be extracted, the current date will be used. If Last Modified cannot be extracted, Creation Date will be used.

Updating Documents

To update documents

If the document is a read-only document, click the Check Out  button. Click the Undo Check Out button to check the file back in without saving your changes.

  1. Make your updates to the document.
  2. Click the Check In  button.
  3. (Optional) Enter an explanation of your changes in the Notes field of the Save Dialog
  4. window.
  5. Click Save. A read-only version of the updated document opens.

You can see a list of the documents you have checked out in the Checked Out Documents section under the tab.

Note: You will be notified when the last document check in date was made and by what user. If a document has never been checked out, it will provide you a prompt that it has not been previously checked out. See below for examples.

Uploading Documents

Users can easily upload local documents into TeamConnect via the plug-in. Documents uploaded from a local computer will then be able to be checked in or checked out by multiple users.

Document upload sizes are set by your TeamConnect administrator. The upload will fail (and you will receive notification) if your document(s) exceed the upload size limit. If you are a TeamConnect administrator, navigate to Admin > Admin Settings > Documents and adjust the upload size limit.


Uploading a document

  1. Click the TeamConnect tab.
  2. Select Save to TeamConnect.
  3. Select the desired directory, and add a name for the file and description (if needed). Click Save.
  4. The Check Out and Check In options are now available for this file.
  5. Check Out this file to make changes.
  6. The document will now be locked for editing by other users. Click Check In after your changes to remove this lock.

Note: Local changes will not be automatically reflected in the plug-in. Users must check the document back in for these changes to be stored and reflected in the plug-in.

Editing Document Metadata

From any Office or the Outlook plug-in, I can right-click on any document or email (in Outlook) in the TC Documents Pane and I have an option to Edit Document Metadata.


Users are able to change fields and document information that they would have access to change in the main TeamConnect application. Changes made to the document metadata here will be reflected both in the plug-in as well as the main application.

Document Tab

The document tab contains the editable name and author date of the file as well as other non- editable information fields. Click Submit to finalize any changes to the name field or Date Authored field.

While the File Type is not editable, users can change the extension via the Document Name field. Users will be prompted to click Yes after clicking Submit if they make changes to the extension. While the name will now reflect the new extension, your computer will still recognize the file as its original file type. Changes to the file type should be made in the main application.


Office Tab

Click the Update Office Category checkbox to make edits on the Office tab. These changes will be reflected in the document file bank in the plug-in but not in the Document tab.












Note: The Office tab in Outlook will look different. This tab will contain other metadata information such as Subject, From, To, and CC. This will also contain a checkbox to make edits to the Outlook Category.


Outlook Office Metadata Tab

Categories Tab

The Categories tab allows for improved filtering and document management. Click the checkbox next to the desired categories to add that category. Categories inherited from TeamConnect cannot be removed from the plug-in. Likewise, categories added in the plug-in itself cannot be removed after clicking Submit. Categories can be removed in the main application.