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Rate Requests

Rate requests are requests with proposed hourly rates that vendors submit through Collaborati. To be able to accept rates and approve requests, you must activate a rate request approval rule. You also use the approval rule to specify who can approve requests.

Note: Offices can only send rates if rate collaboration is enabled. To enable rate collaboration, contact Mitratech Support.

See Applying Office Requested Rates for more information about receiving and approving rate requests.

To activate the rate request approval rule

  1. In the Designer, from the Go to drop-down menu, select Object Definitions.
  2. From the Object Definition List, navigate to CSM Settings>Office>Rate Request.
  3. Click the Rules tab.
  4. From the list of rules, click the CSM - Rate Request Approval link.
  5. Click the Create a Copy button, and rename the rule if necessary.
  6. Click the Qualifier tab. Create rule qualifiers to specify conditions for the rule. See Creating Rule Qualifiers for more information.
  7. Click the Action tab.
  8. Click the View Route Details link.
  9. Click the Create a Copy button, and rename the route if necessary.
  10. Create routes to specify who can approve requests. See the sections of Creating Routes for more information.
  11. Return to the Action tab of the new rule. Select the new route from the Approval route field.
  12. From the Process Manager field, select the group that approvers must be part of to approve rate requests. If you want approvers to be able to approve from My Approvals, select the Workflow Process Manager group.
    Make sure to add all approvers to the group you select.
  13. From Updates to record pending approval, select one of the following fields:
    • Allowed to approvers of current stop—Allows rate request approvers to update rates of a request.
    • Allowed to anyone—Allows any user to update rates of a request.
  14. Return to the General tab of the new rule, and place a checkmark in This rule is Active to activate the rule.


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