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Using Hold Conditions

Hold condition functionality is available for users with TeamConnect 4.0.8+.

Hold conditions provide admins with a measure to ensure that approvals do not go past a given stop if conditions are not met. Used in tandem with universal edit rights for approvers at a stop, hold conditions can also allow an admin to automatically inform users how to resolve the hold and allow workflow users to resolve it themselves. The Approve button will be grayed-out until the condition is resolved.

For more details, see Defining Actions for Approval Rules.

Hold Conditions in Practice 


  1. Navigate to the desired object from TeamConnect by clicking Setup followed by clicking Object Definitions from the Go to... dropdown menu.
  2. Click the object. Click the Rules tab once it opens.
  3. Select the preset rule or create a new one. More details on rules can be found here.
  4. Click the Action tab.
  5. For Stop-level parameters, users will be able to select a preset condition via the Hold Condition dropdown.
    Note: Only conditions on the selected object will be available.
  6. Write a clear, concise message to direct users what the hold condition is, giving them enough information to resolve the issue themselves.
    Note: There is a 2000 character limit.
  7. Save and close.
    Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 10.17.31 AM.png
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