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Using Rules

Rules allow you to automate your organization's business requirements within TeamConnect. Rules prevent records from being processed incorrectly or without proper approval by performing validations, security checks, and approval processes that control the flow of data. Rules eliminate the need for users to perform such checks and create a more reliable workflow.

TeamConnect contains many rules already, to coordinate workflow among and between its objects. As you add more types of objects and implement more capabilities, you may need to create additional rules.

Creating rules is one of the last steps in the customization process (See Customization Sequence). Before starting to create rules, make sure you have finished the following operations:

  • Defining custom objects
  • Adding necessary items to system lookup tables
  • Defining object categories
  • Creating custom fields and custom lookup tables
  • Organizing custom fields by creating blocks
  • Setting object views and search views
  • Creating group accounts with the appropriate rights
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