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Embed TCBI Dashboard/widget at Record Level

This page provides the detailed instructions to follow for embedding a dashboard or widget at record level.

1) Share the dashboard with the Sisense admin user for your instance.

Note: To find the Sisense admin username, follow the below mentioned path: 

Navigate to Tools > Report Integration > Users can locate the Sinsense admin name by clicking the TCBI Sisense link.

2) Go to tools > Report Integration, click on Sync Report List to synchronize the sisense report integration. (Once the sync is successful, all dashboards and their widgets shared with that Sisense admin/User group will get stored to T_Report table in TeamConnect database)

Create Block using Screen Designer

  1. Click and select the object in which the block has to be created to embed the report.


  1. Drag and drop the available reports(either dashboard or widget) from the Reports tab into the new block created. (All the reports stored in the TeamConnect database will appear in the Reports tab)

  2. Go to the File Menu > Publish Block to publish the new block created.


  • If you do not have access to the screen designer then the workaround for creating the block to embed the dashboard is to create an xml.file for the block and upload the file to Screens directory of TeamConnect. For more information, refer to Creating Blocks XML files.

  • Do not include any editable fields in the block along with the embedded report.

  • To support the Vendor Dashboard, we may be able to use the report parameters configuration of Properties tab in Screen Designer to add additional filters for joined tables that are not the embedded objects primary key.

Add the Block in the Record

  1. Go to TeamConnect Setup Window > Object Definitions > Select the object (e.g CUSTOM) > Blocks tab 

  2. Select the dashboard screen file (.scr file) from the File Name dropdown, provide a Friendly Name and click Add Items to add it in the block.

  1. Go to TeamConnect Setup > Object Definitions > Select the object (e.g CUSTOM) > Object Views tab to embed the block inside the object view.

  1. Go to Object and click on the respective tab in which the block is added to view the embedded dashboard with the last data sync details displayed.


  • It is recommended to perform a data synchronization in TCBI to access the most up-to-date information on the dashboard.
  • To view the changes made in the TCBI dashboards/widgets that are embedded, you need to run "Sync Report List" for the changes to be reflected on the embedded dashboard. 

Apply Primary Key Filters to Dashboards and Widgets

The Filters panel on the right of the dashboard provides data filtering options for the user to apply and get the specific data.

Dashboard with Primary Key Filter Configured

Primary key of the record is passed and all widgets in the dashboard get filtered. Any widget with that dashboard filter turned off will not filter the data.

Dashboard without Primary Key Filter Configured

Primary Key filter is forcefully applied and the dashboard gets filtered. All Widgets data will be filtered for the primary key.


  • Widgets are available to embed directly in individual records. However, we do not recommend this due to the following reasons:

    • Directly embedded widget do not have the primary key filter applied and will not dynamically change depending on the record.

    • Users can only see the widget in edit mode, designer access users can also change the widget type directly from this embedded view.

    • Instead of embedding a single widget, you can create a dashboard with only that widget and embed the dashboard to avoid these issues.

  • If a new widget is added to the shared dashboard, the user should republish the dashboard to sisense admin user/group for the new widget to appear.

  • If a widget or a dashboard is renamed, the user should republish the dashboard to sisense admin user/group and run ‘Sync Report List’ again.

  • Users will not have access for applying the filters to the embedded dashboard.

  • Primary key filter can not be applied for an embedded widget in a record. To apply the primary key filter, it is necessary to create the dashboard with the widget and apply the Primary Key filter on top of the dashboard and then embed the dashboard in the record.

  • ‘No access’ error window appears if the user does not have access to the dashboard.


  • If TCBI security is turned off and the dashboard filter is turned off for a widget(s), it might expose information to a user that they are not allowed to access. When creating dashboards, designers should follow the same guidelines as defined here on dashboard security.

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