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Records used for tracking various amounts of money allocated for specific purposes. There are two kinds of accounts: Budgets and Reserves.

Address Books

Groups of Contacts created by each user as desired. Each user can organize person and company contacts into logical groups. A user could create a group of contacts with whom he or she frequently interacts, so that their phone numbers are easily accessible when needed. Members of address books who are also Users can be added as attendees to appointments.


A software program specialized for a particular purpose, for example word processing or email.


Events, engagements, or meetings scheduled for a particular purpose at an assigned place and time with specific Resources. Appointments can be made only for Users who become the appointment's Attendees. Appointments can be easily associated with specific Projects if necessary.


Authorization from one or more users (known as approvers) which is required for certain actions that are attempted by users. For example, deleting a matter, posting an invoice, or changing the phase of a matter could require approval and therefore trigger an approval process. When you trigger an approval process, you are considered the requestor in the approval process. The attempted action is completed upon the final approval.

Approvals are the major component of TeamConnect Workflow.


Designated Users who have the authority to approve or reject certain actions attempted by users of TeamConnect. There can be several approvers at each level of the Approval process. This approval level is also known as an approval Stop. During an approval process, approvers may be able to send the approval request to reviewers for review before they make their decision. Approvers can view their approval requests on the My Approvals screen.


TeamConnect Users who are assigned to Projects or Tasks. There can be one or several users assigned to a project. The main assignee is in charge of the whole project, whereas the rest of the assigned users are responsible for certain parts of the project. In tasks, there can be only one assignee at a time. All assignees can be re-assigned, if necessary.

Contacts who are Involved in the project are different than assignees. For example, you select outside counsel to work on a matter; you do not assign outside counsel to a matter because they are not users.


TeamConnect Users who are listed as taking part in an event, such as a meeting or conference call, for which there is an Appointment scheduled. Only users, not external contacts, can be attendees.

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