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Using Object Navigator

Object Navigator is a user interface tool you can use to specify a path to particular attributes in TeamConnect's object model for creating custom designs. End users generally do not have rights to Object Navigator or need to use it.

Many of TeamConnect design features require you to specify paths in the object model. For example, when defining a naming pattern for a custom object, you can use Object Navigator to specify the value of a field to be used in record names. Or you may need to specify a path when designing an EasyDocs document template.

TeamConnect's object model is comprised of attribute tables. Attributes tables are linked together to form a complex web of relationships. You can use Object Navigator to traverse these relationships and create a path that points to a specific field in the user interface.

To use Object Navigator, you need:

  • An understanding of the object model in relation to the end-user interface
  • Knowledge of attributes and paths
  • A familiarity with Object Navigator and object models (Object Model: Read This First). The following table describes where Object Navigator is located in TeamConnect.

Features That Use Object Navigator



Option that uses Object Navigator



Defining expressions for conditions that you save for all object definitions

Custom Object Definition


Automatic naming of custom object records using a pattern of object attributes

Any Object Definition

Custom Fields

Creating a custom field of type Custom Object and defining a qualifier for that field





Defining qualifiers to specify the desired conditions that trigger a rule

Defining actions for Audit rules to specify a description of the triggering event or to capture data in custom fields



Selecting a User With Role or User Path to add as a stop member in a route

Search Views

Filter Display


Results Display

Selecting object attributes to be used as search qualifiers


Selecting object attributes to be used as display keys




Related Objects

Assigning dynamic or static-dynamic values to fields with the help of the operators containing the "value of path" options


Page Actions

Assigning dynamic or static-dynamic values to fields with the help of the operators containing the "value of path" and "value of parameter" options

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