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User Interface

A typical page displays the areas that you have rights to view.

Note: Browser width should be 1024px or larger for best performance.

The fields on your page might vary, but the following components are the same:

  • Browser Title Bar—Displays the application's name.
  • Global Toolbar—Contains links that show your pending work and let you do other common tasks. The icon at the furthest right spot (with your login name) can bring you to your preferences page. The All folder is a valuable method for navigating the application.
  • Bookmarks icon—Contains bookmarks which will be preserved after log-out and will not be visible to any other users. 
  • Global Search—Allows you to search for records by their name or number, across one record type or all record types.
  • Tab Bar—Contains a set of buttons that provide quick access to record types and functions. In some cases, clicking a tab immediately takes you to a new page. In other cases, clicking a tab

Important: While tabs may be configured and change between systems, using the All button is always an alternative for navigating between objects/items in TeamConnect.

  • Record Screen Title Bar—Shows the record type that you are working with. For a record list page, the name of the current collection is shown. For an individual record page, the name of the record is shown.
  • Left Pane—Provides links that take you to pages related to your current page. If you are viewing a list of records, the links in the left pane primarily point to other collections. For more information about collections, see Viewing Collections of Records. If you open a record, clicking on a link in the left pane opens pages related to the record.
  • Body—Contains the main section of the screen, where you work with records, set preferences, use tools, and view home page information. When scrolling on a page, an icon will appear allowing users to go Back to Top in a single click.


Getting Hints and Help

Hover Feature

In many areas of the user interface, a small informational window appears if you hover over an item. If you are hovering over a link to a record, the snapshot will contain some basic facts about that record. For example, hovering over a link to a Project record will show the Project's name, main assignee, current phase, and creation date. Almost all record links behave this way. This feature does not apply to record links in calendar views, or lists of embedded records. This feature can be customized by administrators to display select information. For further detail on this functionality, see Custom Hover Popups.

Online Help

On every page, online help is available by clicking the  Help button in the record toolbar. In many cases the online help that appears will be specific to the page you are on; in some cases a more general help screen will appear.

Web Browser Buttons and Commands

You can use common web browser commands (Back, Forward, Stop, and Refresh) while working. There are some things to keep in mind regarding these buttons and commands:

  • There is a limit of 10 uses of the Back button or command. You cannot see pages that are more than 10 pages older than your current page.
  • If you click Back or Refresh, you lose any edits that you had done on the current page. If you are editing something, then click Back twice, then click Forward twice, you will be on the page you had been editing, but the data you typed will be gone.
  • The Refresh button redisplays a page, but it does not rerun any actions that you may have taken on that page. However, if you are on a page that displays search results, clicking Refresh will reexecute the search and display the newest results.
  • If you click the Stop button while a page is loading, you will leave the page in an inconsistent state. You cannot rely on items on the page working correctly unless you click Refresh to force the page to finish loading.
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