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Setting Up Email

The following steps describe how to configure the Email page from Admin Settings. You can use the Email page to configure the connection to an SMTP Server (for system email notifications), configure the connection to an IMAP Server, and configure the TeamConnect URL for email notifications or HTTPS connections. Field descriptions are provided in a table below.

To set up email

  1. Select the Admin tab.
  2. Click Admin Settings under the tab bar.
  3. Click the Email link in the left pane.
  4. Edit the fields based on descriptions in the TeamConnect IMAP Server Email Settings table.
  5. Click Update.
  6. Restart TeamConnect on the application server.

Afterward, users must do the following:

  • Verify that the default email address in their contact record is the email address to which notifications should be sent.
  • From the Preferences area, select the Email Notifications that they want to receive.

Important: Each user who assigns other users to tasks and projects, or adds them as appointment attendees, should have a default email address in their contact record. If the Email Properties are not defined properly, email notifications will not be sent from TeamConnect.


Field Names and Descriptions (* = required)

Default Value
Outgoing Mail Server Settings

Outgoing mail server (SMTP)—The host name or IP address of your Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) email server.
Note: TeamConnect routes SMTP connections through port 25 (the default SMTP port).

For more information, see Notification Settings.

Reply-To Address—A default email address that will be used as system email notification Reply-to address and email From address. A reply-to address is required in order for TeamConnect to automatically send email.

If a user performs an action that triggers a system email notification, that user's contact record primary email address will override the Reply-To Address value as the resulting email message's From and Reply-to email address. Otherwise, if the contact record has no email address populated, the Reply-To Address value will be used as the email message's From and Reply-to email address.

If the Reply-To Address is empty and the triggering user/contact's email address is empty, then a system email notification will not be sent.
Note: The SMTP appender also uses the Reply-To Address as the From address for Error log email messages.

Use SSL—The check-box you select if the SMTP server uses SSL (secure socket layer) to send email.
Note: TeamConnect uses port 465 as the default SSL port.

Outgoing server requires authentication—Select this check-box if the SMTP server requires authentication for sending email. When selected, you must enter a username and password.

Username—TeamConnect's user name for authenticating with the SMTP server.

Password—TeamConnect's password for authenticating with the SMTP server.

  Email Notifications

To avoid conflict behaviour of the email notifications, the following checkboxes are used in combination::



Use System Reply

Use Display Name




Appends reply-to-address to “TeamConnect"

ex: “TeamConnect <>”



Returns from address in the form of “first/last name (TeamConnect) reply-to address”

ex: “John Doe (TeamConnect)



Returns reply-to-address
ex: “



Returns generating user email address if it's present or else returns reply-to address

ex: or      

Incoming Mail Server Settings Account Type—Indicates that the email account that sends users incoming mail from TeamConnect has to have IMAP enabled.

Incoming mail server—The name of the server for the email account, for example,

Username—The email address that TeamConnect uses to send emails.

TeamConnect only pays attention to unread emails. As a result, you should create an email account specifically for the use of incoming mail.

Password—The password of the email account.

Use SSL—The check-box you select if the IMAP server uses SSL (secure socket layer) to send email.

Note: TeamConnect uses port 993 as the default SSL port and port 143 as the default non-SSL port.
TeamConnect IMAP Server Settings These settings are described on the TeamConnect IMAP Settings page. empty



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