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System Settings and Appenders Rights

From the Designer application, System Settings drop-down list, there are two areas that can be accessed, System Settings and Appenders. You can assign rights to both areas from the System Settings rights.

You must assign the appropriate rights for viewing and working with System Settings and appenders. This section contains the following table that explain these rights and their associated operations:

After you assign any of the System Settings rights (View System Settings or Edit System Settings), the following pages will be available:

  • From the Designer application, System Settings area:
    • Rule Execution page
    • Custom Messages page
    • Clear Cache: 2.x UI Settings page
    • Default Object Views (system-level) page
    • Authentication Plug-In page
    • Backward Compatibility Settings page
    • History
  • From the Designer application, Appenders area:
    • System Appenders page
    • Audit Appenders page

Rights for System Settings and Appenders



Prerequisite Rights

View System Settings

Allows users to access and view the system settings.


Edit System Settings

Allows users to change the system settings.

View System Settings

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