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Hot Adding Entities/People

When selecting entities or people from a list in eCounsel to populate a record, eCounsel includes functionality to hot add a new record, meaning the individual or entity can be created without exiting the current record.

To Hot Add an Entity/Person:

  1. Add a record from which an entity or person can be selected. For example, a player record for a matter includes the Hot Add functionality.
  2. Click the button next to the field that will be populated with a person or entity name.
  3. On the list dialog box, click the Hot Add button and select the type of entity or person to be added.
  4. On the Entity – Base Info or People – Base Info dialog box, enter information as needed. Required fields are indicated by a yellow text box.
  5. Optionally, click the image Find Duplicates button to open the Duplicate Check dialog box to verify that the entity or person does not exist in eCounsel. Click the Continue button.
  6. To create the record and close the dialog box, click the Save button. To create the record and immediately open the record in a separate window to continue to enter additional information for the entity or person, click the Save/Open button.
  7. If you clicked Save/Open, continue to enter information on the tabs for the entity or person. When finished, click the  Save button to close the window and return to the list of players for the matter.

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