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Super Viewer User Guide

SuperViewer expands the reach, use, and value of the corporate secretary’s knowledge base within Secretariat.

  • Make Secretariat information available to Web-based users in business units and groups such as tax, risk, accounting, finance, and treasury, and to authorized users outside counsel and committee members.
  • Reduce burden on the corporate secretary group. The self-serve environment lets users access current and historical information on-demand at their convenience.
  • Access both historical and current data without the need to prepare static reports.
  • Approve changes before releasing information. A special “Lock” feature prevents publishing changes to SuperViewer prior to management approval.
  • Retrieve live information from Secretariat without risk of outdated report data.
  • Use any browser to get the information you need.
  • Initiate requests to designated administrators for entity or people changes from people in the field, and help maintain data integrity.
  • Limit access so that the right people get access to the right data at the right time. Secure log-in ensures access to only pre-approved users.

SuperViewer is a browser-based program that allows authorized users easy access to data tracked through Mitratech’s Secretariat program. The information available in SuperViewer is read-only; all edits and additions are done from within Secretariat. Use your browser’s back and forward buttons to navigate through pages that have been opened during the current session. Navigation links also are provided on each page.

The Entity Information page of SuperViewer provides reports on companies and committees that are being tracked by Secretariat.

The Person Information page of SuperViewer provides a data sheet on people that are being tracked by Secretariat. The information available on this data sheet is established by the System Administrator.

  Several actions will cause new popup windows to appear. If you are using a popup blocker, this blocker could hinder the use of SuperViewer.

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