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SuperViewer Home Page

The SuperViewer home page is the starting point for all functionality within SuperViewer. The page itself is a framework through which all functionality can be accessed and completed.

  • Message of the Day - If the System Administrator has configured a message for SuperViewer, the message will display in this area.
  • Corporate Information - If the System Administrator has configured an entity/person for the home page, the names will display in this area. If the entity/person is linked, click on the underlined name to open the Selection List page.
  • General Reports - If the System Administrator has configured any reports to display on the home page, they will be listed in this area.

Selection List Page

The Selection List page displays the available entity or people records. Making a selection from the SuperViewer home page accesses the Selection List page.






Search – Select the field (such as Name) on which you want to query, select the criteria (such as starts with) by which you want to query, enter the text for matching, then click Go to retrieve all matching records. Click Reset to clear the criteria.

Display Options – Click to open the Display Options dialog box to change the format of the page.

Name – The name of the person or entity.

Formation (entities only) – The jurisdiction in which the entity was formed.

Status – An indication of whether the person/entity is active/current or inactive/historical.

Entity Type (entities only) – A categorization (such as Corporation) for the entity.


Go – Click to retrieve all records that match the criteria for searching.

Reset – Click to clear the criteria for searching.

Display Options Dialog Box

The Display Options dialog box displays options for changing the format of the Selection List page.






Number of items in list – The default setting is to display 25 records per page and can be increased incrementally.

image  Displaying a large number of records on a page can be time intensive.

List format (entities only) – Allows you to select the layout of the records.

Display name – The way the record name will appear (i.e., Last Name, First Name for people or Full Legal Name or Short Entity Name for entities).

Display suffix (people only) – An indication of whether information—Sr., Jr., etc.—as entered on the Base Info tab in Secretariat is displayed on the page.

Sort by – The field (Name or Status) by which to sort the order of records.

Status – A filter to display only those records that are current (active) or historical (inactive) or to display all records.

Include (entities only) – An indication of whether DBAs, Former names, and/or Alternate names will be included. These names, which are entered on the Names tab of an entity record in Secretariat, will appear as separate entries and will open to the main entity’s information page.

image  Be aware that display option settings are stored in a cookie and, therefore, are specific to the computer rather than a user’s ID.


Submit – Click to save your changes.

Cancel – Click to close the dialog box without making any changes.

Entity Information Page

The Entity Information page provides reports on companies and committees that are being tracked by Secretariat. Entities that have been classified as Agents or Shareholders are not accessible.



Entity Type – A categorization (such as Corporation) for the entity.

Formation – Information as entered on the Registrations tab in Secretariat. Status information is designated when the entity record is created.

Affiliate – An indication that the entity is an affiliate. An affiliate is a company that is owned and operated within your corporate structure. Non-affiliates are included to enable tracking of other entities such as joint venture partners and representative agent companies.

Internal Number – Any internal identifier for an entity.

Federal ID Number – The tax identifier for the entity.

Tax Year End – The month that the tax year ends.

Fiscal Year End – The month that the fiscal year ends.

Foreign/Domestic – An indication of whether the entity is foreign or domestic.

Main Address – The primary address for the entity.

Purpose – Lists information concerning the mission of the entity.


Data Sheet – Click to open an overview of the company information (such as directors and officers, registrations, stock ownership, subsidiaries).

Positions – Click to view a list of people who hold a position within the entity during a specified time frame.

Subsidiaries – Click to view detailed information about the entity’s subsidiaries.

Documents – Click to view a list of files that have been linked to the entity record. Access to the files also may be available.

Registrations – Click to view registration information for the entity.

Home – Click to open the SuperViewer home page.

Entities List – Click to open the Selection List page for entities.

Notify of Changes – Click to launch your default e-mail composer program with the entity’s name in the subject line. The recipient’s information is established by the System Administrator.

Person Information Page

The Person Information page displays specific information concerning the selected person.


image  The fields on this page will vary according to information entered in Secretariat and data restricted by the SuperViewer administrator.


Personal Data – Lists information entered on the Base Info tab for the person in Secretariat.

Primary Address – The primary mailing address for the person.

Phone # – A telephone number to contact the person.

FAX # – A facsimile number to send FAXes to the person.

Status – An indication of whether the person record is still active or inactive (historical).

Gender – The gender (Male or Female) of the person.

Nationality – The jurisdiction in which the person has citizenship.

Birth Date – The date of birth.

Birth Place – The city in which the person was born.

Nickname – A shortened name for the person.

Secretary – The name of the person’s secretary.

Admin No. – An identifier for the person.

First Employment Date – The date the person began employment.

Comments – A freeform comment concerning the person.

Additional information may display on the page depending on the information entered in Secretariat for the person and the options to show other data selected by the SuperViewer administrator.


Home – Click to open the SuperViewer home page.

People List – Click to open the Selection List page for people.

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