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Calendar items can be maintained in different areas:

  • the Calendar module for appointments and tasks for all entities,
  • the Entities module for appointments and tasks related to a particular entity.

When viewing tasks and/or appointments, filter the items by viewing all tasks, all appointments, etc., or by date using the Calendar Finder and entering a start and end date.

Calendar items can be created and edited from any of these areas and from certain date fields. These date fields have an additional icon that will open an appointment or task data entry screen for that record. See Hot Add Date Fields.

The way in which the date and time fields are displayed is dependent on the preferences set in Secretariat or a system-wide setting if you have not set your preferences. If you are unfamiliar with this option, see Setting Date/Time Preferences for instructions.

The following topics will help you get started using the Calendar module in Secretariat.

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