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Getting Started with Documents, Matters, and Entities

With Mitratech Office Link properly configured for your Suite application, you can view documents attached to eCounsel matters or Secretariat entities without having to open the Suite application. You can also attach emails and documents to eCounsel matters or Secretariat entities by dragging-and-dropping the files into the appropriate document type subfolders in the Mitratech Office Link pane.

Mitratech Office Link adheres to any Logical Group security restrictions that are specified in eCounsel or WorldView security restrictions in Secretariat, so users will see only those matters or entities to which they have access in Suite.

Note: Document versioning is not available in this version of Mitratech Office Link, and the version controls are visible but disabled. You cannot check-out, check-in, or lock a document for editing. If you modify and save a document at the same time as another user, one of the sets of changes may be overwritten. If you are interested in document versioning, please inquire about Mitratech Document Vault powered by M-Files, Mitratech’s document management system (DMS).

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