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Predefined Legal Team

Assigning a predefined team to a matter record is perhaps the fastest and most efficient way to associate individuals to matters. Teams may be established based on expertise, location, or by balance of workload. Assigning a predefined team to a matter also provides extra support when adding new department personnel or making substitutions.


If a new person joins the Legal department, site administrators can run a script that will assign that person to every open matter that has a specific team assigned to it. Site administrators set up predefined teams through Application Administration based on the needs of your department or company.

Assign a Predefined Legal Team to the Matter

  1. Click the Predefined Team link.
  2. Select a team using the radio buttons.
  3. Click Save.

This process overwrites any previous team assignments for the matter. However, you can reinstate released individuals to the team.


By default, matters do not require that a Legal team be assigned to them. If your matter record does not require a Legal team, keep the radio button set to predefined_legal_team_hmfile_hash_9353afff.png (located at the bottom of the listing).

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