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Lawtrac 4.2.1 Release Notes

This document details the installation requirements and resolved issues included in Lawtrac™ 4.2.1.

Installation Requirements

Before you begin to install Lawtrac 4.2.1, ensure that your system meets the full Installation Requirements found in the Lawtrac Installation Guide. You must be using a version equal to or greater than Lawtrac 3.7 in order to upgrade. To upgrade to Lawtrac 4.2.2, run the Lawtrac Installer as described in the Installation Guide.

Note: These release notes assume that users are upgrading from Lawtrac 3.7 or later. If you are upgrading from a Lawtrac version prior to 3.7, please see the Upgrade Considerations page in the online Lawtrac Help for information necessary upgrade changes and module dependencies.

**Lawtrac 4.2.1 Patch 1 & 2 Release information can be found at the bottom of this page.

Changes and Enhancements

This section describes the changes and feature enhancements in the Lawtrac™ 4.2.1 release.  Each issue is documented in the following format:

  • A description of the issue
  • Internal tracking code
  • Salesforce case number, if applicable
  • Additional Information, if applicable

Enhancement: A new Client ID field was added to the Application & Database tab.

Tracking Code: LSP-8688

Case Number: 2017-0217-344888

Additional Detail: An alphanumeric Client ID (Salesforce ClientID) field was added to the Application Administration > Application & Database > Set Serial Number page in the Lawtrac Application. Please see the Set Serial Number page in the Lawtrac Help for further detail.

Resolved Issues

This section describes the issues that are resolved in the Lawtrac 4.2.1 release. Each resolved issue is documented in the following format:

  • A description of the issue
  • Internal tracking code
  • Salesforce case number, if applicable

Issue: Date Opened, Date Closed, and Last Update data did not appear when Super Search feature was used.

Tracking code: LSP-4990

Case Number: 2016-0523-251340


Issue: The upgrade scripts _OnRequestEnd, _ADHOC_Design, and _ADHOC_Templates were missing tables.

Tracking code: LSP-5555

Case Number: 2016-0715-261813


Issue: Blank page displayed when user navigated to People > Entities > List Retired then navigated through the pages using the pagination.

Tracking code: LSP-5651

Case Number: 2016-0624-258503


Issue: Report Writer UDC1-1 fields still had a drop-down menu when they are supposed to be free- form typing fields.

Tracking code: LSP-6715

Case Number: 2016-0921-273962


Issue: Error message appeared when user tried to delete a matter.

Tracking code: LSP-8296

Case Number: 2017-0116-338477


Issue: Error message appeared when user added a new invoice summary comment that included a

% symbol.

Tracking code: LSP-9033

Case Number: 2017-0320-350804


Issue: A Lawtrac-generated file overwrites a previously uploaded PDF when the printable feature is enabled.

Tracking code: LSP-9614

Case Number: 2017-0523-373826


Issue: Error occurred in Quick Tab Preview rather than showing the HTML formatted report.

Tracking code: LSP-9648

Case Number: 2017-0327-352272


Issue: Password Expiration date was not enforced.

Tracking code: LSP-4540

Case Number: 2016-0226-234124


Issue: Error thrown when attempting to load Matter Spend By LEDES Code report.

Tracking code: LSP-4754

Case Number: 2016-0420-245126


Issue: Outside Counsel could not easily find the comments for why invoices were rejected.

Tracking code: LSP-6897

Case Number: 2016-1027-281621


Issue: Error thrown when adding fractional/decimal amounts (e.g., 1.10) in the Cost Ea. field.

Tracking code: LSP-9072

Case Number: 2017-0324-351876


Issue: PDF Printable versions of Invoice did not display the State field.

Tracking code: LSP-9164

Case Number: 2017-0406-364208


Issue: Page numbers did not have text wrapping on the Firms/Vendors screen.

Tracking code: LSP-9496

Case Number: 2017-0504-369965


Issue: Full list of Timekeepers did not populate upon loading Manage Timekeepers page.

Tracking code: LSP-9665

Case Number: 2017-0525-374600


Issue: Placing an End Date on a Matter Hold instantly removed the hold from the Matter, even if the End Date was set in the future.

Tracking code: LSP-2615


Issue: Documents and text records were able to be deleted from a Matter when it was on hold.

Tracking code: LSP-5203

Case Number: 2016-0624-258535


Issue: The All Matter Records page was distorted because the page pagination did not wrap to fit the screen.

Tracking code: LSP-5930

Case Number: 2016-0805-265428


Issue: The respective information was not documented on a matter's Transaction Tab or Transaction Report after a matter was closed.

Tracking code: LSP-6001

Case Number: 2016-0815-267078


Issue: The Standard Spend Report was displaying incorrect amounts and included rejected invoices.

Tracking code: LSP-8351

Case Number: 2016-1214-293738


Issue: Incorrect notification text was displaying in the notification email sent to newly appointed Hold Administrators.

Tracking code: LSP-9790


Issue: Hold Administrator fields did not populate automatically when user tried to Set Header and Footer in the Message Library tab.

Tracking code: LSP-9823


Issue: All non-administrator users were able to see Events for all matters regardless of their assignment.

Tracking code: LSP-9921

Case Number: 2017-0627-381583


Issue: Error thrown in application when report writer user updated information in the Reporting > Report Writer > Display Info page.

Tracking code: LSP-10008


Issue: Limited search results were returned when hold administrator used the Look Up Add To Hold option.

Tracking code: LSP-10032

Case Number: 2017-0705-383603


Issue: Error displayed in both Quick Preview and Full Report tabs after user refreshed and adjusted the details on the Report Writer page.

Tracking code: LSP-10298


Issue: Users can customize email subject line for Legal Hold Notice emails.

Tracking code: LSP-8841


Issue: Hold messages were sent immediately upon being added under Hold Notices rather than upon scheduled time.

Tracking code: LSP-9807


Issue: Removing a matter from a hold also removed that matter from the Transactions table.

Tracking code: LSP-9815


Issue: Verification link for Hold Message emails required more visible placement.

Tracking code: LSP-9833

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