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Lawtrac 4.2.1 Patch Notes

Lawtrac 4.2.1 Patch 1

Lawtrac 4.2.1 Patch 1 (PLT4210001) resolves the following issues:

Issue: Error thrown when Opposing Counsel/Firm was added to a matter.

Tracking code: LSP-10152

Support case: 2017-0719-386076


Issue: Edits and changes made to Type4 and Type5 text would not save

Tracking code: LSP-9014

Support case: 2017-0320-350908


Lawtrac 4.2.1 Patch 2

Lawtrac 4.2.1 Patch 2 (PLT4210002) resolves the following issues:

Issue: LEDES code type ‘Other’ were not accepted on LEDES invoice items.

Tracking code: LSP-10348

Support case: 2017-0801-388807


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