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Resolved Issues

This page contains all of the Resolved Issues in the Lawtrac 4.2 release.

The following items are resolved issues in Lawtrac 4.2. Each issue is documented in the following format:

  • A description of the issue
  • Internal tracking code
  • Salesforce case number, if applicable.


Issue: Invoices completed with Banker’s Rounding affected previously approved invoice amounts.

Tracking code: LSP-8750

Case Number: 2017-0223-345710


Issue: Lawtrac 4.X users were not able to create Senior/Subordinate relationships between two firm records.

Tracking code: LSP-8850


Issue: Collaborati Firm Name did not display in Law Firms that eBill report.

Tracking code: LSP-8926

Case Number: 2017-0302-347277


Issue: Key Personnel Access settings granted by legal staff were not reflected for portal users.

Tracking code: LSP-5453

Case Number: 2016-0627-258730


Issue: Lawtrac application froze after QuickFind search was used by user who was assigned to 200,000+ matters.

Tracking code: LSP-8474

Case Number: 2017-0130-341319


Issue: The F_InvoiceSummary.Amount field populated with 0.00 instead of the actual amount.

Tracking code: LSP-8950

Case Number: 2017-0130-341319


Issue: Total invoice amount did not equal the true Lifetime Invoice Total amount for invoices on a matter.

Tracking code: LSP-8982

Case Number: 2017-0314-349608


Issue: Current Totals for Fees and Expenses reflected two different amounts in two currencies, making it difficult for users to tell the converted amount of the currency.

Tracking code: LSP-9303

Case Number: 2017-0412-365211


Issue: Error Page is Displayed on Transferring an Employee Record from My Lawtrac >Application

& Administration>Firms & Vendors>Transfer Employee link.

Tracking code: LSP-8224


Issue [Invoice]: Unconverted amount in base currency with asterisk sign for a foreign currency detailed invoice is displayed on ‘Matter > Invoice Chronology’ page.

Tracking code: LSP-8222


Issue: Sync error is displayed as 1 when Collaborati Sync is completed without any errors.

Tracking code: LSP-8221


Issue: Changing an Invoice Number should be Disallowed for Collaborati Submitted Invoices.

Tracking code: LSP-8220


Issue: R203 Does NOT Generate Warning Flags if the Allowed Hours Exceed Max Ct Per FIscal Year and Lifetime Max Ct at the Matter Level on Subsequent Invoices.

Tracking code: LSP-8218

Issue [Invoice]: Error page is displayed on clicking search category '3rd', '4th' and '5th' from 'Finance > Invoice Management > Pending Approval' after setting filter 'Invoice Date Descending' from 'List Options' page.

Tracking code: LSP-8216


Issue [Sync]: Error is generated in sync logs on submitting 2 or more Invoices together with any LEDES Processing Rule Switched ON.

Tracking code: LSP-8215


Issue: Key Personnel Position Titles were not showing on matters.

Tracking Code: LSP-6494

Case Number: 2016-0620-257535


Issue: ‘Date Opened’ ranges in Report listings were not working properly.

Tracking Code: LSP-8541


Issue: Default data scripts were updated per request from services.

Tracking Code: LSP-9190


Issue: Reports were not generated in respective formats when user attempted to generate it by clicking on the 'Print' icon next to the 'Forecasting report'.

Tracking Code: LSP-4671

Case Number: 2016-0411-242993


Issue: The incorrect Matter Short Name would display when users clicked ‘View New Record’ on creating matter records.

Tracking Code: LSP-8774


Issue: Invoice Approvers were getting skipped when a lower level approver took action on the invoice from the Pending Approval screen.

Tracking Code: LSP-9188


Issue: Text entries were not sorted by Changed Date in descending order.

Tracking Code: LSP-8652

Case Number: 2017-0208-343135


Issue: Users were not being timed out of Lawtrac after 60 minutes of inactivity.

Tracking Code: LSP-6699

Case Number: 2016-1003-276287


Issue: Error occurred when upgrade script LT_409to412.sql was run.

Tracking Code: LSP-9180

Case Number: 2017-0407-364467


Issue: Default Matter Message option was missing.

Tracking Code: LSP-9057

Case Number: 2017-0322-351306


Issue: There were conflicting field lengths in the Database Dictionary.

Tracking Code: LSP-8934

Case Number: 2017-0317-350471


Issue: Client could not pull up documents due to document network functionality error.

Tracking Code: LSP-6673

Case Number: 2016-0809-265978


Issue: Lawtrac system was not accepting area code that began with zero.

Tracking Code: LSP-8027

Case Number: 2016-1209-292947


Issue: Invoice report was generating report for invoices regardless of the date ranges selected.

Tracking Code: LSP-8816

Case Number: 2017-0228-346635


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