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Collaborati Updates

This page details enhancements made to Collaborati in Lawtrac 4.2.

Collaborati Updates

Enhancement: Collaborati firms and vendors can now submit invoices up to 366 days after a matter is closed.

Tracking Code: LTCOL-7407

Additional detail: This enhancement only affects firms and vendors that are submitting invoices from an Outside Counsel login. The number of days an invoice can be submitted after a matter has been closed ranges from 0-366. If the number is set to 0 the feature will be disabled, while 366 was set to cover 1 calendar year (including a leap year day). Any value entered that is greater than 366 will be rejected by the system. For further detail, please see the Finance Switches page in the online Help.


Enhancement: The Collaborati Sync can now be scheduled to run every X number of hours.

Tracking Code: LTCOL-7663

Additional detail: Lawtrac Super Users now have an option to select X number of hours, ranging from 1 to 23, to run the Collaborati Sync task. The scheduled task will run every X hours when this option is selected on the Collaborati Sync Task page. For further detail, please see the Scheduled Tasks page in the online Help.


Enhancement: The Transfer Employee feature for Collaborati clients is disabled.

Tracking Code: LTCOL-7769

Additional detail: Users are not able to transfer an employee record that has an association with a Collaborati record.


Enhancement: When the All disbursement items to company rate card rule is enabled, Collaborati firms and vendors have the ability to submit invoices with Expense line items that do not have a Timekeeper on the line item.

Tracking Code: LTCOL-7602

Additional detail: Previously, the rule listed above had no functionality and Expense line items without a Timekeeper submitted from Collaborati to Lawtrac were automatically rejected. Now, when the rule is enabled, Invoices received from Collaborati with Expense line items without an associated Timekeeper can be approved or rejected through all normal invoice Approval Workflow actions by users with the proper permissions. For further detail, please see the Processing Rules page in the online Help.

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