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Changes and Enhancements

This page details changes and enhancements made to Lawtrac 4.2.0.

Changes & Enhancements

This section describes changes and enhancements in the Lawtrac™ 4.2.0 release.  Each issue is documented in the following format:

  • A description of the issue
  • Internal tracking code
  • Additional Information, if applicable


Enhancement: Office plugins now fully support files and documents that contain Asian characters.

Tracking Code: LTCOL-7345

Additional detail: The updated office plugins (compatible with Office 2010, 2013, and 2016) fully support files and documents that contain Asian characters from the following languages:

  • Chinese (Traditional and Simplified)
  • Korean
  • Vietnamese
  • Indonisian
  • Japanese
  • Thai


Enhancement: The order of Advanced Processing rules was updated to reflect the priority in which they’re processed.

Tracking Code: LTCOL-7664

Additional detail: The new order of Advanced Processing rules is as follows:

  1. Rule R100 – This rejects an invoice in its entirety and no further processing is needed.
  2. Rule R501 – This assigns the invoice to a fiscal period and does not affect any line item calculations. This rule will be turned on by default.
  3. Rules that generate flags without adjustments will be applied to the submitted line item on their violation.
  4. Rules that make adjustments on line items would be applied to their violations.
  5. Rules that zero out line items would be applied.

For further detail, please see the Advanced Processing Rules and Auditing Rules page in the Lawtrac Help.


Enhancement: The existing Microsoft Office (2010) Lawtrac DocSave and Connect plugins were updated to run and compile on Microsoft Office 2013 and 2016.

Tracking Code: LTCOL-7057

Additional detail: The new versions of the Microsoft Office plugins for 2013 and 2016 are more compatible and functional in Lawtrac.


Enhancement: As a security enhancement, all passwords entered on the DocSave Configuration screen and within the Plugin page will be hashed while being typed out and will appear as a blank field after the password has been saved.

Tracking Code: LTCOL-8468

Additional Detail: For further detail, please see the DocSave Configuration page in the Lawtrac Help.


Enhancement: Several enhancements were applied to the Key Personnel profile pages.

Tracking Code: LTCOL-7661

Additional Detail: See the table below for detailed descriptions on the enhancements.

Add New Key Personnel –  Phone Ext, Personnel No.,  Comments fields were added, and the LastName field was reconfigured to say Last Name. KeyPersonnel_AddNew.jpg
Key Personnel Address lines – A third line was added to the address field in Key Personnel files, which can store up to 100 characters KeyPersonnel_AddressLine.jpg
Key Personnel Record Screen & Edit Key Personnel Active Date and Termination Date field labels were updated KeyPersonnel_ActTerm.jpg




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