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General Invoice Guidelines and Troubleshooting

  1. All valid invoices with a status Pending Client Retrieval will be transferred to Lawtrac after synchronization and will display in the Finance > Invoice Management screen.
    • During the sync time, when all of the invoice are retrieved, all selected invoice advanced processing rules will be triggered and the approval chain will be set.
    • After a successful sync, the invoice status in Collaborati will change to either Pending Client Approval (if they were successfully transferred to Lawtrac), or Rejected (if the sync auto-rejected the invoice for a certain violation of a predefined Lawtrac rule).
  2. All Invoices with a Pending Client Approval status should be considered successfully transferred in Lawtrac. 
    • Once a client takes action on the items, their status in Collaborati will change from Rejected to Approved. This takes place after the sync and it depends on the action taken from the in-house approver. 
  3. In most cases, any invoices that were rejected at the time of the sync will not be created in Lawtrac and the vendors in Collaborati will need to resubmit them after making the necessary corrections.
    • In some situations, an invoice that was rejected at the time of the sync may still generate records in Lawtrac. In this case, the invoice will sync with an Auto-rejected status in Lawtrac and clients should only deem those invoices as informal. They should notify their vendors to resubmit them.
    • Clients in Lawtrac should never update an already-rejected invoice status. Any changes made to an already-rejected invoice will not sync back to Collaborati.
  4. Collaborati invoices submitted with an invoice number that already exists in Lawtrac for that vendor will be auto-rejected at the time of the sync.
    In this case, Collaborati vendors may either add an additional character to the invoice and resubmit it, or delete the existing invoice in both Lawtrac and Collaborati and resubmit it with the same invoice number. 
  5. In most cases, an auto-rejected invoice will have a valid reason provided in the comments section of the invoice in Collaborati.
  6. Invoices with taxes are not currently supported in Lawtrac, and will be auto-rejected at the time of synchronization. 
  7. If the Lawtrac invoice currency is different from Collaborati vendor's default currency, the invoice will be converted to the Lawtrac base currency after syncing. 
    • However, the invoice approver will be able to see the original amount of the foreign currency invoice submitted from Collaborati. 
    • After Approval or Rejection of the invoice, the Collaborati vendor will only see the invoice in the original currency they submitted it in. 
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