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Checklist Maintenance

Edit or add checklist questions and answers for the matter types in your database.

Click the Checklist Maintenance hyperlink from the Matter Maintenance bar to edit or add checklist questions and answers for the matter types in your Lawtrac database. These checklist questions are used in the checklist section of a matter record.


  1. Use the "Select Category" drop-down menu to select the matter type for which you wish to make adjustments.

    matter checklists

    Once you have selected a matter type, a list of questions associated to that type are displayed.

  2. Edit an existing checklist question for that matter type by clicking the orange edit icon.

    1. Type your question into the text box, select the acceptable answers for that question, then click Save.

  3. Delete an existing checklist question by clicking the trash_can icon under the RET column.
    Note: All deletions are final. To reinstate a deleted checklist question, you must add it again as new.

To add a new checklist question for that matter type, enter the new question in the "Add New Question" text box, decide if the question is to be added to all open matter records by clicking the radio box radio box and click Add New.


Set Answers

  • To edit or add answers to be used for matter checklist questions, click set answers on the right side of the page. The right side of the page refreshes to show a list of current answers, which can be edited by typing in the text box under the Answer column.

  • To change the order number, type in the text box under the Order column. Click Save to confirm changes, or the trash_can icon to delete the question permanently.

  • To add a new answer, type an answer in the "Add New Answer" box and click Save.

Usage Report

Click usage review to see how many times a question has been used. If the question has never been applied to a matter record it can be deleted. Questions that have been retired do not appear.

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