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Temporary Matter Data

View and/or delete the temporary data of a matter record.

Temporary Matter Data occurs when a user begins to add a matter record but fails to complete the process. This page allows you to send the person a reminder to finish, or you can delete the temporary data altogether.

The Temporary Matter Data hyperlink in the Matter Maintenance sidebar displays the temporary data by category, with the name of author, the date and time the data was added, and a delete button to remove the temporary data.


Click the arrow right icon to open temporary data detail. The colored icons indicate how many steps a user completed when attempting to add a new matter record, and what information the matter includes.

  • green circle target icon—Data included in matter
  • red circle target icon—Data not included in matter

Quick clear options are located at the bottom of the page, and allow you to delete all temporary matter data, or the temporary matter data added before the current day.
Important Note: There is no confirmation for deletion, and this step cannot be undone.


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