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Data Locations

The Data Locations page is initially managed when first logging into the application as an administrator during installation. You should not need to adjust the "Lawtrac Application Address" data field.

  • Update the Corporate Logo to reflect the URL location of your corporate logo file.
    Note: The URL should be the application URL with the file name as the suffix.
  • In the Log-Out URL field, input the URL of the site that will be displayed after users log out of the application.
  • Update the Reports Location to reflect the location of your reports (ex: C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Lawtrac4\LDept\Modules\Reports\).
  • Update the Personnel Photos to reflect the location of your employee photos. This can link to a URL address, or to your computer drive.

Data settings are saved automatically when you click outside of the text box or press Tab on your keyboard.

Important Note: Do NOT alter Application or Database fields (located at the bottom of the page). These values exist to aid Lawtrac support only.


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