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Logging into the Application

Log into Lawtrac after the installation is complete.

Use a Web browser to access the application. The following is a sample URL:http://ServerName/LAWTRAC43/.

Enter your application URL to display the Lawtrac sign-in screen.

Note: For security purposes, please contact for your credentials.

The following steps are required to complete the application setup:

  1. Select Application Administration.
  2. Select Application & Database.
  3. Select Database Administration and click Run Upgrade Scripts.
  4. Select Data Locations.
  5. Update the Corporate Logo URL to reflect the location of your corporate logo file.
    Note: The URL should be the application URL with the file name as the suffix.
  6. In the "Log-Out URL" field, input the URL of the re-direct site that is to be displayed after users log out of the application.

Data settings save automatically when you click outside of the text box or press [Tab] on your keyboard.

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