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INSZoom:-Status Docs

Status Docs are used to keep track of additional document expirations. Here's how you can set them up in the Knowledge Base.

Status Docs


First, navigate to the Knowledge Base ('Setup' >> 'Knowledge Base') and then select 'Country Details' in the left menu:


Next, select the country for which you want to select the Status Docs. Click the 'Attach/Remove Documents'. If any documents need to be attached, select them and click 'Add':


To review the fields for that Status Doc, click 'Choose Fields' and review the available fields. Some fields are system-defined and cannot be de-selected:


Now that these Status Docs have been added to the respective country in the Knowledge Base, they'll need to be linked within the respective case level. You can do this by going to 'Status Docs' at the case level and then select 'Link/Unlink Status Docs'. Once there, select all the Status Docs you'll need to keep track of for individuals filing under this country: