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INSZoom:-Re-sequence Subsections in Questionnaires

This article will guide you on how to re-sequence subsections in questionnaires.

Re-sequence Subsections in Questionnaires

Re-sequence subsections in questionnaires. You can even customize the names of the subsections to better suit your workflow.


First, navigate to the Knowledge Base ('Setup' >> 'Knowledge Base') and then to 'Questionnaire Template' in the left menu:

Next click on the questionnaire that you'd like to modify. Then click on 'Subsections':


Under the column for 'Sequence #', you can edit in what order you would like to see each subsection show up in the questionnaire.

NOTE: If you are re-sequencing, the numbers do not automatically update. For example, if you want to exchange subsection #5 to #13, you must go to subsection #13 and change it to #5.


To rename a subsection, simply delete what is under "User customized subsection name" and rename it to your liking. The 'Zoom Defined' name is at the right most column if you ever need to find where a customized subsection maps to: