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INSZoom:-Process Modules for Cases

This article will guide you on the Process Modules for Cases

Process Modules for Cases

INSZoom Process Modules are a dynamic way to centralize important data for any given case.

What is a Process Module?

Do you have a constant need to see an overview of the most important data fields for a case? You're not alone. Previously, reviewing core case data required opening up different questionnaires or searching through profile fields to find the necessary information. Now, with our Process Modules, you can quickly click into a case's most important data in one central location.

Process Modules also serve as a primary location for updating these important fields. While they don't contain all the case fields, they can be used to edit the information that has been gathered via questionnaires. Any changes made within the Process Module fields will update the corresponding questionnaire or system data fields, and vice versa. This increases visibility and consistency, and also improves efficiency for editing data. Now, rather than navigating to different pages or levels in the application to find important data corresponding to a case, Process Modules display relevant data fields in one centralized location.

This will provide easy and quick access to important dates and basic information regarding a case. Process modules are constantly updated to provide the best possible experience. If you have any feedback, you can get in touch with our Support.

Note: Process Modules do not contain all the fields for a case and should not be viewed as a comprehensive case-data, or forms-data, manager.


How do I use a Process Module?

To link a Process Module to a case (petition), head to the Knowledge Base and select the petition you wish to link a Process Module to.


Once in a petition template, select 'Process Module' on the left menu and select 'Link':


With the Process Module now linked to the petition, you can open a new case using this petition and use the Process Module to track all the important case data:


Remember - you can update a Process Module to update the questionnaires and other related data fields!

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