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INSZoom:-Merge/Combine Questionnaires

This article will guide you on how to Merge/Combine Questionnaires

Merge/Combine Questionnaires

Merging questionnaires can be valuable feature if your organization regularly sends out the same questionnaires for a particular petition.


NOTE: This feature will not retain any customization made to questionnaires. Meaning - if you merge Questionnaire A with Questionnaire B to create Questionnaire C, any edits made to Questionnaire A will not be reflected in Questionnaire C.


First, navigate to the Knowledge Base ('Setup' >> 'Knowledge Base') then click on 'Copy/Merge Questionnaires' under the 'Questionnaire Templates' section:


Now, click 'Select' for the first field to find one of the questionnaires you'll merge. Once you find the questionnaire, click 'Choose' to use that one:


Repeat to choose another questionnaires. If you need more than 3, select the 'Add' button:


Once you've added the questionnaires you want to merge, give the 'Destination Questionnaire' a name and select 'Save'. If you want the newly merged questionnaire to overwrite an existing questionnaire, then click 'Select' and choose the questionnaire you want to overwrite:


If the questionnaire that you've chosen to merge with another is no longer needed, you can check the 'Delete after Copy/Merge' check-box.

Your new questionnaire will now be available in the 'Questionnaire Template' section.

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