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INSZoom:-How to Edit an Online Letter Template?

This article will guide you on how to Edit an Online Letter Template

How to Edit an Online Letter Template

Whether in the Knowledge Base or within a profile, letter templates can now be edited using Microsoft Word Online.

Written by John Christy

Updated over a week ago

With our new integration with Microsoft Word Online, letter templates are easier than ever to edit!

Previously, a user would have to either download the existing templates, make edits and then re-upload, or create a new template from scratch and upload into the Knowledge Base. Now, all a user needs to do is open the letter template and make the edits right in Microsoft Word Online.

Please Note: Templates that have been linked to specific cases or foreign nationals will not update if that template is edited in the Knowledge Base. Each template needs to be edited at the respective location where it's been added. 

To find, and edit, a letter template in the Knowledge Base, navigate to 'Setup' >> 'Knowledge Base' >> 'Letter Templates (MS Word)'. Once here, click on the name of the letter template and it will open in Microsoft Word Online: