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INSZoom:-How do I create an e-Consent

This article will guide you on how to create  E-consent within the application to leverage whether with your organizations or your clients.

How do I create an e-Consent?


E-Consent is created in Knowledge Base to serve as both Terms of Service and Statement of Truthfulness. Terms of Service (ToS) is presented by the system upon logging in. Statement of Truthfulness (SoT) is sent via email along with the questionnaires.

Note: This feature is only available through subscription in our Enterprise Edition. Need to subscribe? Here's how:

Subscribe to e-Consent


How do I create an e-Consent?

e-Consent is created in the 'Knowledge Base', along with any other content an organization may create for their case management. First, head to 'Setup' and then 'Knowledge Base':

On the left-hand menu, you'll select 'e-Consent':

Here is where you will create e-Consent's. Think of this as the 'bank' where you'll create/store them and then they will be linked into other areas of the application (more on that later).

Click 'Add' to create a new e-Consent, give it a title, add content and then either select 'Publish' or 'Save as Draft':

Now that you've created the e-Consent, you are able to link it based on who you want to see it.

Here's how you can link to either a corp user or foreign national:

Link to corp user

Link to foreign national

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